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CORONAVIRUS: How To Boost Your Immune System

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Coronavirus is now a pandemic as officially declared by the World Health Organization. Now, as we face a worldwide crisis, it is important more than ever before to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

While we may feel hopeless sometimes during this period or as if we have no control over what is going on the world right now. One thing we do have in abundant is control.

Instead of excessive worrying about what might be and doing our body and mind more harm, we can put this energy into the things we send through our mouths to our body. And plan our meals to include natural immune booster.

As our governments, health workers/organizations are working to check Covid-19, we can do more by following all their guidance to prevent it. And more importantly do all we can to stay healthy.

I know some would prefer taking supplements to strengthen their body against being infected with Coronavirus.

Supplements are great, but the best defence we can give our body right now is supplying it with foods that can boost our immune system and reduce inflammation.

How Do You Boost Your Immune System Against Coronavirus?

Coronavirus: How To Boost Your Immune System

While there might be no exact food that can cure or absolutely protect you from Covid-19, there is no harm in making sure you are doing everything you can to prevent yourself from being infected.

One thing that is sure is there are definitely food that can boost your immune system to at least give your body a fighting chance against infections and Coronavirus is one.

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Citrus Fruits: This include Oranges, Limes, Tangerines, and Grapefruit. They are known to be rich in Vitamin C. And Vitamin C helps strengthen and boost immune system.

Our body doesn’t produce or store vitamin c, hence the need to constantly supply our body with it. Because a lack of it can make you susceptible to sickness.

Garlic: Garlic is an antimicrobial agent and natural immune booster. It can also prevent heart disease.

Ginger, Honey and Lemon: Honey is a natural immune booster. Lemon is very high in Vitamin C. (Now, more than ever is to be faithful with a drop of lemon in your glass of water every morning). Vitamin C is a good antioxidant.

Ginger is been used to help digestion, reduce nausea and to fight flu or common cold. It is loaded with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Ginger contains gingerol, this can reduce inflammation and and pain in the body. And most importantly for the purpose of this post, it can help boost immunity.

Gingerol in ginger that fights inflammation also have antimicrobial and antifungal that fight off infections in the body and boost immunity.

Add lemon, ginger and honey to warm water. The combination is good for cold and give your immunity a boost. You can also to your favorite smoothies.

Yougurt: The probiotics found in Yougurt can work wonder for your immune system and helps to fight off infection. They are also good for reducing respiratory infections, especially in children.

Avoid smoking and drink less alcohol. Instead drink lots of water to increase your fluid intake. Get plenty of rest, adequate sun light and more exercise.

If you are young and healthy without and underlying health condition, following the recommended guidance to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, personal hygiene, and a healthy lifestyle should guarantee a Covid-9 free


The Elderly ones and those with medical conditions should consult their physicians before including any changes in their lifestyle or routine.

If you are in distress, sick, very high temperature or having trouble breathing, call the emergency lines.

Stay safe; stay healthy.

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5 Best Home Remedy For Younger Look

5 Best Home Remedy For Younger Look

We all want to live longer, but there is hardly a woman who wants to look her actual age. Especially when we start climbing the forty ladder
And what is the best way to look younger than your age than beauty routine that makes you glow without fear of uneven skin tone, sunburn, chemical burn, harmful chemicals and so on.
And the most beautiful part is you can get them for little or nothing at all beacause they are mostly things we use in our homes every day.
So for that younger looking skin5 Best Home Remedy For Younger Look

–Here are the 5 best home remedy with a promise to give you that desired glowing face.
•1teaspoon Vaseline Petroleum jelly
1 egg yolk
Mix well till it forms a smooth paste
Apply on your skin or fsce.
Rinse with warm water.
2. Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C, therefore a very strong antioxidant. When combined with milk and egg white it works wonder on age spots, freckles and wrinkles.

3. Use 1teaspoon lemon juie.
• ½teaspoon cream milk and
• 1teaspoon egg white.
Massage into the wrinkles (especially corner of the mouth and eyes) before going to bed.
4. Scoop a teaspoonful of milk powder into a bowl
•Mix it with a little water to form a thick paste
•Apply onto your face and let it dry.
•Then gently massage some moisturiser on your face using your fingertips.
•Rinse with warm water. You can repeat 3-5 times a week
5. Put some rice flour (grounded rice) into a bow.
• Add water till you have a thick paste
• Leave for half an hou.
• Apply the paste gently to your face
• Leave for an hour, then rinse off with lukewarm water. It works wonder on uneven skin tone.
Beauty, they say starts within. Eat antioxidant rich food and fruits, drink at leat 8 glasses of water every day, don’t wait until you are thirsty. This will keep your skin firm and youthful.

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Tomatoes – Best Natural Bleaching Agent To Include In Your Skin Care Routine


Bleaching or Whitening agents are the most important ingredients we look for in our beauty products now.

We all desire that glowing, spotless, radiant look.

But while these agents give us the desired glowing look, they are not without their side effects.

How do we do we achieve without harming our skin in the process?

This is where our natural skin care routine comes in.


TomatoesTomatoes: Best Natural Bleaching Agent


Tomatoes are very important part of our meals. In Africa, you can hardly prepare soup without adding tomatoes. It is one of the most important ingredient in out African Jollof rice, giving it it’s pretty colour.

It is very rich in Vitamin C.

Tomatoes are also great natural Bleaching agent when included in out skin care routine. They are loaded with antioxidant.

Why Should You Add Tomatoes To Your Skin Care Routine?

They give your skin a youthful look, lighten dark spots and tighten enlarged pores.

How To Use Tomatoes For Skin Care:

  • Cut tomatoes and blend into paste or strain the juice.
  • Rub on your face and leave for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse off with cold water.

Use As A Face Mask

  • Tomato juice, Lemon Juice and Milk.
  • Strain the juice or blend into paste. Put in a clean bowl.
  • Add lemon juice and milk to tomatoes paste.
  • Mix properly. Apply to tour face and leave for 20mins.
  • Rinse with cold water.

Tomato and Honey Mask

  • Strain tomatoes juice or blend.
  • Add two teaspoon honey to equal parts tomatoes paste.
  • Mix and apply to your face.
  • Leave for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with cold water.
  • Best Tomatoes: Best Natural Bleaching Agent

Have you tried tomatoes as a face mask or in your skin care routine? Care to share your experience with it?